Align the depiction using a fixed substructureBenzodiazepineBreak rotatable bonds and report the fragments
Calculate 0, 1st, 2nd order Molecular Connectivity Indices (MCIs) using openbabel/pybelCalculate TPSAChange stereochemistry of certain atoms in SMILES file
Chemistry Toolkit Rosetta WikiConvert SMILES file to SD fileConvert a SMILES string to canonical SMILES
Depict a compound as an imageDetect and report SMILES and SDF parsing errorsFind the 10 nearest neighbors in a data set
Find the graph diameterHeavy atom counts from an SD fileHighlight a substructure in the depiction
Iteration through an SD filePerform a substructure search on SDF file and report the number of false positivesReport how many SD file records are within a certain molecular weight range
Report the similarity between two structuresRing counts in a SMILES fileUnique SMARTS matches against a SMILES string
Working with SD tag data
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